Thursday, September 13, 2012

Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration (UCIM) E-mail Contacts:

1/17/13:  Please note:  the names and e-mail contacts below were current as of 9/13/12 - with the new legislature there will be some changes.  If you use the e-mails below you may have some returned.  The most notable change, of course, is the change of Attorney General - the position is now held by John Swallow

September 13, 2012

Elected Officials (12):

Greg Bell                                   
Lt. Governor, Co-chair     

John Swallow                        
Attorney General              

Michael Waddoups                   
President of the Senate      

Ross Romero                            
Senate Minority Leader   

Stuart C. Reid                           

Kevin Van Tassell                      

Benjamin McAdams                  

Rebecca Lockhart                   
Speaker of the House        

David Litvack                            
House Minority Leader    

Rebecca Chavez-Houck            

Evan J. Vickers                          

Ryan D. Wilcox                         

Other Government Officials (6):

Richard P. Gomez                    

Leonard Blackham                     
Commissioner of Agriculture

Francine Giani                            
Director of Commerce       

Julie Fisher                                 
Director, Comm & Culture

Kristen Cox                              
Director, Workforce Svcs   

Spencer Eccles                          
Director, GOED                 

Non-government Members (9): 

Janalee Tobias                           

Dana Christensen                       

Ed Collins                                  
Civil Science                      

Curtis Rowley                            
Cherry Hill Farms                     
(see note below)

DeLaina Tonks                         

Timothy M. Wheelwright            
Kuck Immigraton Partners

Barbara Melendez                      
Kuck Immigration Partners

Jason Mathis                              
Downtown Alliance           

Paul Mero                                  
Sutherland Institute            

Other Participants (2):

Along with official members of the commission, there are at least two others who are somewhat affiliated with the commission:

Eric Ellis                                    
Lt. Governor’s Office         

Mr. Ellis has attended several meetings and may be the fill-in person from the Lt. Governor’s Office when the Lt. Governor Bell cannot attend a meeting and the person designated by him to respond to inquiries regarding the commission.

Amanda Eccles Jex                    
Attorney General’s Office   

Ms. Jex is an Assistant Attorney General and provides some support from the Attorney General’s Office for the commission. 

"Utah's Citizens Speak Out On Immigration and Migration in Utah" Facebook Page:

(Note the disclaimer that appears on the Facebook page:

This page is not affiliated with the Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration. Opinions and comments posted on this page do not in any way reflect the official positions or opinions of the Commission. This page is administered by Janalee Tobias and Dana Christensen in their individual capacity and not as members of the Commission.")

Elected Officials Grouped E-mails:

Other Government Officials Grouped E-mails:

Non-government Members Grouped E-mails:

Entire Commission Grouped E-mails:

Public sources for non-government e-mails:

Janalee Tobias:  used with permission of Janalee Tobias

Curtis Rowley:  unable to locate public source for his e-mail

Dana Christensen:  used with permission of Dana Christensen

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