Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A New Book Sheds Light on the Lack of Need for Foreign STEM Workers:

A new book, Falling Behind? Boom, Bust & the Global Race for Scientific Talent by Michael Teitelbaum,  gives us "essential background information regarding our policies about high-tech migrants," according to David North.

Mr. North, writing about the book in a brief review at, also noted:
"The author politely dismisses the claims that there are widespread shortages of STEM workers, but notes with care the strenuous efforts of various interest groups (including Silicon Valley, immigration lawyers, many universities, and the Chamber of Commerce) to make the opposite point. Unfortunately, those voices of authority (and moneyed interests) carried the day on issue after issue..."
Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook fame, has been busy spending millions trying to bring about a cheap-labor bonanza for Silicon Valley.  Perhaps someone should send him a copy of the book.  Unfortunately, I doubt he would read it - as he clearly has hitched his horse to the moneyed interests and against the American worker.