Luz (Robles) Escamilla, Utah State Senator, Information

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The Luz Robles Report:

The "Luz Robles Report" is a report, available at, that outlines much information about the CCIME (a Mexican government advisory board) and Luz Robles' work on the CCIME.

Facebook page:

Defeat Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla in 2016

Sources Critical of Luz Robles Escamilla and/or the CCIME, etc.:

Serving Two Nations a Conflict for Luz Robles?

Who Paid For Luz Robles' CCIME Mexico Trips?

Did Luz Robles' CCIME Buddies Help Launch Her Political Career?

Luz Robles' Mexico Speech Before the CCIME, the President of Mexico, and Other Dignitaries on November 14, 2007 (Part One)