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Key Luz Robles Campaign Contact a Former Candidate for the Mexican Legislature

One of the most interesting aspects of Luz Robles' association with Mexico's Consejo Consultivo del Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (CCIME) was her strange presence at the April 2009 CCIME meeting in Mexico.

This was after having taken office as a Utah State Senator.

Much more information about why she may have been at this meeting can be found at:

Germán Trejo was also there.

Who is Germán Trejo?

He is a long-term associate of Luz Robles, having served with her on the CCIME from 2006-2008 and worked with her on the same commission for much of that time. His associated campaign consulting company, G&T Consulting, was also a campaign consultant for her 2008 Utah State Senate campaign. Her reports for her current campaign indicate that Trejo associated campaign companies are a key component of her campaign.

From the article linked above:
Germán Trejo has a close relationship with Luz Robles - they both served on the same CCIME commission (political affairs) for a time. Germán Trejo, you may recall, was also a significant advisor to Luz Robles' state senate campaign - contributing $6,000.00 in in-kind contributions pre-convention in 2008.
In that earlier post, I suggested that one reason Luz Robles may have been in Mexico was to help with an effort to push the major Mexican political parties to create a law mandating a quota of migrant candidates. Other proposals for migrant representation were also circulating among certain immigrant leaders in the U.S. with the goal of achieving immigrant representation in the Mexican legislature.

A Trejo associated campaign company, Battleground Solutions, has this quote from Luz Robles featured prominently on their website:
Every candidate needs consultants that know what they are doing and know how to achieve the ultimate goal of winning.
Battleground Solutions’ professionalism and determination are felt throughout the staff by always meeting their goals. German Trejo is a great strategist. He is able to vision the necessary process to get to the goal.
He is very detailed oriented and is always thinking ahead. His communication skills allow him to keep a team apprised of the processes that are needed in order to achieve the goals the campaign has set forth whether they be short or long term goals.

From the website,, the following is found at the bottom of the "about" page:
In 2009, Trejo ran for Congress in Mexico as an “Immigrant Congressional” candidate (Diputado Migrante), under Mexico’s proportional representation system. Trejo’s candidacy received wide media coverage in Mexico. As a candidate, Trejo exposed the lack of political rights provided by Mexico’s top electoral institutions and political parties to Mexican ex-pats. As a result of these issues raised by Germán Trejo’s campaign, the Human Rights Commission in Mexico issued an official recommendation to the Mexican Government and Mexican political parties to stop violating the political rights of Mexicans living abroad.
In other words, at some point during the 2009 Mexican legislative electoral time-frame, Germán Trejo was himself a candidate for the Mexican Chamber of Deputies (similar to the U.S. House of Representatives).

Why is this significant?

A fair question to ask of Luz Robles is how close she is to Germán Trejo and how compatible are her views to his when it comes to immigrants and illegal aliens in the United States having political representation in a foreign legislature.

Can one legitimately be dedicated to serving the United States while holding the view that a large segment of the population should also be represented in a foreign nation?

Would pursuing political rights in Mexico for immigrants living in the United States serve to help assimilate immigrants to America or serve to make that process much more difficult and conflicted?

Imagine a voting block of immigrants, both legal and illegal, pursuing their political agenda in Mexico of pushing Mexico to advance their agenda in the United States while pushing the United States to cater to their political power.

In broader terms, it seems to be the perfect wedge to attack the sovereignty of the United States in favor of transnational rights and the globalist goal of creating supranational governing structures.

For more information about Luz Robles and the CCIME, please see the links below:

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