Thursday, March 2, 2017

Senator Escamilla Calls for Immigration Reform Again

Senator Escamilla recently called for immigration reform again (this time with Republican Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson).

Her current call for reform seems a lot like the reform that consistently doesn't pass Congress.

If it really had the support she claims it has, it would have passed easily by now.

She seems particularly concerned with DACA recipients.

Obama's unilateral and unconstitutional DACA program may be to her liking, but it was a dictatorial power grab that should have invited a much stronger response from the "opposition" party at the time.

Her policy wishes correlate with the wishes of the cheap-labor lobby and, since they have a powerful voice in the media and other areas of the public, they can pretend that high levels of immigration and amnesties are somehow great for the economy and society.

They are not.

The economic blather constantly thrown out in support is nonsense.

We should be looking for ways to reduce immigration - not maintain it at its current historically high levels.

The Dreamers are a special case that are always used as the sympathetic front to ultimately push for an amnesty.

Why are there so many Dreamers in the first place?

Because we have failed to enforce our immigration laws for a significant period of time.

Is Senator Escamilla going to support actual immigration enforcement if an amnesty is granted?

Her work on behalf of Mexico, via the CCIME, speaks volumes.

When the government proves they can and will enforce immigration laws, then those currently here illegally can be discussed.

Absent that, all the talk and schmoozy op-eds pushing reform (often through emotional appeals) are just propaganda for one or more of the special interests that have driven us to this point to begin with.