Thursday, May 2, 2013

Did Utah State Senator Luz Robles Receive Free Travel to and From Mexico?

Did Luz Robles receive free travel to and from Mexico while serving as the Director of the Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs?

The quote below is from a previous post on this issue:

"It appears, therefore, that Luz Robles was likely reimbursed for her travel to Mexico City to serve the Mexican government at a time in which she served as an appointed official of the Utah state government."

More information has been found that supports the above point.

From an article by Carlos Gonzales Gutierrez ("The Institute of Mexicans Abroad"), we are told:

"The IME Consultative Council is made up of 128 consejeros or council members.  The council members are independent community leaders who reside either in the United States or in Canada and are elected by the communities they represent.  The position of consejero is unsalaried; the government of Mexico covers only their travel expenses to two plenary sessions every year.  They serve for a term of three years; reelection is not permitted."

Recall that these are conferences where the President of Mexico is frequently present - as well as other high level Mexican officials.

The complete source for the above quote is:

Carlos Gonzales Gutierrez, 2009, “The Institute of Mexicans Abroad” in Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias, ed., Closing the Distance: How Governments Strengthen Ties with Their Diasporas, Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute, pp. 87-98. (the citation above is on p.89)

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