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Utah Compact Sources Page:

Utah Compact Sources Page:

Below are a variety of sources regarding the Utah Compact.  All items are posted for your information and consideration.  Views therein do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of this blog. 

Johnson, Karen:

Karen Johnson, a former Arizona State Senator, has written a number of very significant articles critical of the Utah Compact and pointing to those behind the compact.  What she has uncovered will be quite surprising to those who support the Utah Compact.  These articles are well-worth reading.  The series is available at at:

Karen Johnson's articles are linked individually below:

Johnson, Karen  (Aug. 19, 2011)
"The One-Sided Utah Compact"

"Suffering near apoplexy over the passage of SB1070 in Arizona and the growing national movement to pass similar bills in other states, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce rallied business groups, churches, and other like-minded organizations to devise a plan to head off any SB1070-type bills that might arise in state legislatures and buy time for Congress to pass amnesty. Pretending that the 'Utah Solution" was something new, unique, and more compassionate than previous attempts at immigration reform, they put it in a pretty new package, slapped a brand-new label on it, and took it on tour, trying to foist it off on other states and Congress. But despite the new packaging, it's still all about amnesty. And the vaunted diversity of the Utah Compact is a sham."

Johnson, Karen (Aug. 29, 2011)
"Propaganda and the Utah Compact"

"Most readers will be totally unaware of the subtle psychological traps in the Utah Compact. They will read the Compact and reach a conclusion — most likely in favor of amnesty — but will be unaware that the conclusion they have reached will not be freely made. It will not be based on a truthful, straightforward presentation of facts and arguments. Their conclusion will be the result of coercive psychological tricks and subtle mental manipulation. The Utah Compact is a seductive piece of political propaganda."

Johnson, Karen (Sep. 6, 2011)
"Who Wrote the Utah Compact?"

"We may never know for sure who actually wrote the Utah Compact. What is clear, however, is that the Compact is not some sparkling new approach to the complex problems of immigration that sprang forth with pristine virtue from the God-fearing Mormons of Utah, as its creators would have everyone believe. The Utah Compact is the cornerstone of a major campaign of the Left, conceived by Washington radicals, implemented with manipulation and deception, and funded by the likes of George Soros, with the goal of ramming amnesty down the throats of the American people, whether we like it or not."

Johnson, Karen  (Sept. 14, 2011)
"The Utah Compact and the Rule of Law"

"Like a lovely temptress, the Compact whispers beguiling phrases that seduce listeners into ignoring the Rule of Law in favor of a well-meaning but misguided compassion. We succumb to the temptress at our peril." 

Johnson, Karen  (Oct. 25, 2011)
"All Roads Lead to 'Radical' (Part 1 of 2)"

"The campaign to pass "comprehensive immigration reform," or amnesty, is charging like a speeding train at Congress. After the last major attempt went down to defeat in 2007, the open-borders advocates licked their wounds and regrouped, realizing they would have to reframe amnesty to make it look conservative and reduce the pressure on conservative Congressmen. The end result was the Utah Compact, a happy sounding statement of principles regarding immigration."

Johnson, Karen  (Oct. 25, 2011)
"All Roads Lead to 'Radical' (Part 2 of 2)"

"It doesn't matter which direction you approach the Utah Compact. Whether through its creators, its signers, its supporters, or its promoters, all roads lead to "radical." The Utah Compact was dreamed up by radicals, facilitated by radicals, fine-tuned by radicals, and funded by radicals. Now it's slithering from state to state, escorted by radicals who would have you believe that it's nothing more than a nice little conservative message." 

Johnson, Karen  (Dec. 7, 2011)
"Will the Utah Compact Derail Mitt Romney?"

"You can be sure that others have gotten the message loud and clear. Mitt Romney's 2007 "Faith in America" speech aside, many people are wondering once again what a Mormon candidate for political office will do when faced with a decision that appears contrary to the position of the LDS church leadership. Can Romney be trusted to secure the borders, since it appears that the leaders of the Mormon Church want amnesty?" 

Johnson, Karen  (Feb. 4, 2012)
"Where Did The LDS Church Go Wrong?"

"The leaders of the LDS Church may not have recognized the propaganda buried in the Utah Compact or the inflammatory, deceptive language of the statements issued by the Church Public Communications Department. But the creators of the Compact and the authors of the Church statements knew perfectly well what it all meant. They selected their words carefully and subtly embedded the propaganda into both the Compact and the Church statements. To the degree that the authors knew what they were doing, they are guilty of deceiving the Church leadership."

Robbins, Darrell:

Robbins, Darrell  (Jan. 25, 2011)
"The Real Utah Compact"
"Given the fact that the Utah Compact is being sold as a model for other states to mimic, a closer look at the document itself is warranted.  One goal of this "create a compact" operation seems to be to stir up support for an "America's Compact."  Absent such a nation-wide document, a secondary approach seems to be in play that consists of getting enough state compacts going to create a critical mass of pressure on Congress to pass "comprehensive immigration reform."'

Terran, Mark:  

Terran, Mark  (Jan. 25, 2012)
"When LDS leaders speak"
Salt Lake Tribune

"The Utah Compact has been the subject of much discussion and considerable controversy. Some allege that it contains deliberately misleading language intended to subtly promote tolerance of illegal immigration, opposition to enforcement of immigration and other laws, and amnesty, in various guises, for individuals who flout the law."

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