Friday, March 16, 2012

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Wants the World to Know He Has a Meeting with Mexico's Ambassador to the United States:

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff really wants the world to know about his upcoming meeting with Mexico's ambassador to the United States.

He posted the tweet below on Facebook:

"Mark Shurtleff
Great honor to meet today with el Embajador de México en Estados Unidos @Arturo_Sarukhan!
Like · · @MarkShurtleff on Twitter · 9 minutes ago via Twitter"

Here's is what Mr. Sarukhan said in 2008 at a meeting of NALEO, with newly elected State Senator Luz Robles in attendance:

"As the community organizer and writer Saul Alinsky once said: “change means movement, movement means friction, friction means heat, and heat means controversy. The only place where there is no friction is outer space.” Sometimes NALEO has generated controversy, and if we believe Alinsky, and I do, controversy is a good thing.

I know Adolfo and Arturo need no encouragement, but my message to all of you tonight is continue rocking the boat!"

He was calling for newly elected Latino leaders in the United States to serve "their people" by "rocking the boat" in the United States.

Will there be press coverage of Mark Shurtleff's meeting with the Mexican ambassador?

Given AG Shurtleff's work to promote amnesty nationwide, does this meeting have anything to do with promoting U.S. immigration policies beneficial to Mexico?

Or is it just a nice way for Mexico to maintain its friendship with a recipient of Mexico's highest award to a non-Mexican for service to Mexico's people?

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