Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ali Noorani Lets Loose His "Inner Radical":

It would be interesting to explore in detail the links between Luz Robles and the National Immigration Forum.

For now, I will just comment a bit about the leader of the NIF, Mr. Ali Noorani:

Mr. Noorani is the Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum - the key organization in promoting the Utah Compact and the force behind making Mark Shurtleff a public face for "conservatives" for amnesty.

Mr. Noorani is generally soft-spoken as he promotes amnesty through various forums and conferences, but on May 1, 2010 he decided to let loose his "inner radical" and get arrested for taking part in a protest in front of the White House.

Notice the collection of far-left fanatics he hangs out with in this passage from the NY Times article. Mr. Gutierrez mentioned below is the pro-amnesty fanatic congressman from Illinois:

"Mr. Gutierrez was handcuffed behind his back with plastic cuffs by the Park Police, and he walked in silence when an officer led him away along the black wrought-iron fence in front of the White House. Among others arrested with him were Jaime Contreras, director for Washington, D.C., of the Service Employees International Union; Joshua Hoyt, Ali Noorani, Deepak Bhargava, and Gustavo Torres, leaders of immigrant advocate organizations; and Gregory Cendana, president of the United States Student Association. " 

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