Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is this the future of education in Utah?

From Judicial Watch (

"A public school district in Arizona is violating a new state law by continuing a radical La Raza studies program banned under the legislation because it segregates students by race, teaches disdain for American sovereignty and ignites racial hostility."


Here's a sense of what the program includes:

"Students in elementary, middle and high school are still exposed to the biased ethnic studies curriculum which teaches kids that Mexicans are victims of a racist American society driven by the interests of middle and upper-class whites. Children also learn that the southwestern United States was taken from Mexicans because of the insatiable greed of the Yankee who acquired values from the corrupted ethos of western civilization, according to a Hispanic teacher who taught in the program."

Judicial Watch continues:

"In an effort to appease the area’s powerful Chicano community, the district—Arizona’s second largest—has proposed making courses in the controversial Mexican/Raza Studies program electives rather than the accredited core classes that they have been for years. A rowdy group of La Raza students refused the offer and stormed into this week’s school board meeting, where officials were scheduled to vote on the change, threatening to fight.  A practical riot ensued and the unruly students chained themselves to board members’ chairs, forcing school officials to cancel the regularly scheduled meeting at Tucson Unified School District headquarters. The protest was organized by a youth coalition called UNIDOS or united."

Local coverage of the event is available at: 

The photos of the event show a much larger crowd at the meeting than the few in front in the video (link below).  The photos are available through the link for the story above.

The 10-point demand list of the students is available at:

It should be obvious from reading the 10-points that much more is being thrown into the mix than a few students mad about a core high-school course.  It seems obvious too that the document was not prepared by a high-school student. 

The article also includes a link to a short video:

The same video is also available at at:

I seriously doubt that these kids came up with this idea all on their own.  Of course, I could be wrong. 

Either way, their actions seem to be the natural outgrowth of the type of educational philosophy that is being promoted by the far-left in America - one of rage, animosity, and blame based on an inculcated racial consciousness built on a highly selective and dysfunctional portrayal of American history.

It is not clear if these are immigrant kids or American children of immigrants or American citizens born to American citizens.  However, something is wrong when our nation has arrived at the point where some of our schools feel quite comfortable in teaching hate for their own nation.

It is a warning sign.

The portrayal of the average illegal immigrant by the pro-HB116 crowd in Utah as a dedicated hard-working soul just working to get ahead  is certainly accurate in some cases - perhaps in many or even most cases. 

On the other hand, there is an extreme reluctance on the part of pro-illegal advocates to see things as they are and admit that there are real issues that go along with our high levels of immigration and our willingness to ignore warning signs of growing social antagonisms.

Certainly, the political agenda of the far-left as it relates to immigration will create much mischief in America.  Hopefully, there will be moves to remove such dysfunctional educational philosophy from our schools. 

History does not need to be sugarcoated, but the blatant attempt to misuse education to foment social turmoil by the far-left needs to be worked against.

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