Thursday, May 19, 2011

Need a Job? Obama Says Give it to a Foreign Worker!!!

After several years of continued high unemployment, Obama thinks that jobs in America should go to foreign workers!!!


According to Roy Beck of

"While America's kids prepare for their college graduation events, Pres. Obama laid out an immigration  blueprint in El Paso  for making it much more difficult for them to find jobs.  When it comes to unemployed Americans, Pres. Obama always gives higher priority to foreign workers." 

 Mr. Beck adds this:

"Along with his speech, he issued his "Building a 21st Century Immigration System" report  that primarily calls for increasing U.S. work permits for foreign workers of all kinds by massive amounts.

The President's immigration  report reads as if it were written during a time of full employment, instead of during the fourth year of an unemployment crisis."

Isn't it great to know that Obama is truly looking out for the best interests of the American worker? 

Obama's views seem to mirror billionaire Bloomberg's which mirror those of the "Utah Solution" which mirror those of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce which mirror those of the Sutherland Institute which mirror those of Utah Attorney General Shurtleff which mirror those of Senator Bramble which mirror those of Governor Herbert...

The view being peddled is a sell-out to the money-powers pushing this scam.

Roy Beck's blog entry: 

"Pres. Obama To This Spring's American College Grads -- WE DON'T NEED YOU"

Can be found at:

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