Friday, July 1, 2011

Mexican Heroin in Utah?:

In a recent article from McClatchy Newspapers, which appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune, the problem of increasing use of Mexican heroin is presented.

The article, "Mexican heroin use surges in U.S." (6/30/11 - on-line version), is available at:

The article only briefly touches on the distribution network that underlies the increase use.

Clearly, the distribution network must rely on the casual attitude of U.S. authorities towards illegal aliens in the U.S. as one key element of their ability to maneuver in the U.S.

The drug cartels, the article tells us:

"What’s indisputable is that drug syndicates that produce black tar and brown heroin in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains are pushing aggressively into areas where they haven’t been active before."

Who is the target?  According to a U.S. law enforcement official quoted in the article:

"You’re seeing it everywhere. It’s cheap. The market base is teenagers. They are the target consumers," the official said."

What are the impacts on the U.S.:

"Teenagers in Albuquerque, N.M.; Milwaukie, Ore.; Fenton, Mich.; Troy, Ill.; La Porte, Ind.; and Mentor, Ohio, have died from apparent heroin overdoses in the past nine months. Law enforcement officials warn that heroin has gained a foothold in suburban Atlanta and is the fastest-growing drug in northern Ohio. Prosecutors indicted 20 people in Toledo on May 10 on charges of conspiring to bring Mexican heroin to the city."

Utah and Salt Lake City are not immune.  Heroin is here.

By not dealing aggressively with illegal immigration, Utah officials are helping to create the environment for the expansion of this drug trafficking. 

HB116 is a law that would create "legal" residents of illegal aliens and facilitate the expansion of this drug trade.

How long before arrests are made of drug dealers holding Utah "guest worker" documents?

You see, providing documents, whether driver's licenses, guest worker cards, Matricula Consular cards, etc., facilitates the ability of illegal aliens to maneuver in society.

That maneuvering will not just be hard-working families looking "for a better life."  It will also be members of the drug cartels looking for your teenager to hook on heroin.

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