Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Please Explain This Video If It's Not About Cheap Labor:

If you are one of those who believe all the nice-sounding ideas about illegal immigrants and refuse to believe that one of the main objectives of the non-enforcement of our laws is to preserve the cheap labor pool for certain business owners, please explain the video below.

These individuals, illegal aliens, are working construction jobs in Pennsylvania.  If it isn't about paying them less and keeping more money for the contractor, then how does one explain the fact that the crew consists of illegal aliens?

Could it be that the pro-illegal immigration impulse in Utah, being run by people in the shadows, is also all about money?

Cheap labor leads to bigger profits for those running the game.

A big part of the problem is the pressure it then puts on honest businesses to also sell out. 

The video below is from the site, standwitharizona - videos are also posted on their website, as well as on their facebook site:

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