Thursday, June 9, 2011

Latino Gang and Ethnic Cleansing of Blacks in Azusa, California:

A recent article available at presents some very disturbing information about the "Azusa 13" gang in the city of Azusa in Los Angeles County in California.

The gang, to show it's loyalty to the Mexican Mafia prison gang, engages in intimidation tactics and outright violence in an effort to push African-Americans out of the city.  Judicial Watch describes it this way:

"To demonstrate its loyalty to the notoriously violent Mexican Mafia prison gang, an affiliate Latino street organization has worked to cleanse a southern California city of black residents by terrorizing, threatening and intimidating them."

Details of the criminal activities are available in the federal grand jury indictment which indicts over fifty Latino gang members.  Judicial Watch comments on it as follows:

"Details of the decades-long genocide operation in the Los Angeles County city of Azusa are laid out in a huge grand jury indictment issued by the Department of Justice this week. More than 50 Latino gang bangers, many of them surely in the U.S. illegally, have been charged for targeting blacks by beating, robbing and threatening them."

The Judicial Watch article is available at:

The indictment is available at:

Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and others believe that we should not worry about illegal aliens until a serious crime is committed by an illegal. 

We must ask ourselves, however, how the city of Azusa got to the point where a Latino gang is actively seeking to ethnically cleanse another ethnic group from its boundaries. 

Did the attitudes of certain leaders in certain cities, i.e., "sanctuary cities," have anything to do with the situation as it has developed in Azusa?

Are many of our own leaders following the same logic in approaching the illegal alien issue in Utah?

Again, from the article:

"Latino gangs have for more than a decade targeted blacks in the sprawling southern California County, which is an illegal alien hotbed that has long offered sanctuary.

By looking the other way on illegal immigration and sugar-coating and downplaying the illegal alien elements that are not just "hard-working people looking for a better life," this part of our nation now has a problem that may be unsolvable without extreme measures being employed to clean up the crime and corruption. 

By following the same logic and "look the other way" proposals that led to Azusa becoming a gang-infested hellish nightmare, our own local leaders will lead Utah into a future of  increasing corruption, violence, and perhaps even intimidation of ethnic groups who are deemed to be outsiders by gangs. 

And all so the money-powers selling HB116 and similar proposals can make money for themselves.

Senator Bramble, the Sutherland Institute, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Governor Herbert and the rest of those promoting HB116 should be ashamed.

HB116 is, pure and simple, a cover for those making the money from cheap labor. 

The true costs will be borne by the rest of society.

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