Friday, June 17, 2011

Representative Sandstrom Calls for Repeal of HB116:

Representative Stephen Sandstrom has issued a press release calling for the repeal of HB116.

The press release is available at:

He makes the following comments as part of his press release that say much about who is really behind HB116:

"As I am now proceeding with a comprehensive E-Verify law for the State of Utah that will have real penalties and consequences for those that hire illegal aliens, I am troubled that the same organizations that supported HB 116 and who say that they want to end all new illegal immigration to the State of Utah and the rampant identity theft that it brings with it are now lining up to fight my proposed comprehensive E-Verify legislation.

This only shows that their previous assertions that they support the rule of law and sincerely want to end illegal immigration while protecting Utah’s children from identity theft was only political posturing and untruthful.

They want to keep the status quo in Utah that turns a blind eye to companies that want to hire illegal immigrants, to continue to sacrifice Utah children to identity theft for profits and to ensure that Utah employers have an unlimited source of poorly paid, illegal immigrant labor." 

Excellent job, Rep. Sandstrom!

I urge all to contact their state delegates and encourage them to vote for the repeal HB 116 resolution at the state Republican convention tomorrow.

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