Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Salt Lake Chamber of Kings:

In an article briefly describing the vote in favor of repealing HB116 at the Washington County Republican Convention, the Salt Lake Tribune also described some elements of a new immigration plan by Ron Mortensen.  Mortensen's plan warrants careful consideration and more details of the plan will certainly be forthcoming.

However, the most revealing aspect of the article was not about the very responsible and civic-minded vote asking for repeal of HB116 or the brief description of elements of a new approach to immigration, it was the unmitigated arrogance of the spokesman of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.

This is how the Trib presented it:

"Marty Carpenter, spokesman for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce — which supported HB116 — said that bill was a balanced approach.

 "We understand there will be enhancements to the legislation as we go forward,” Carpenter said. “We welcome input that adheres to the principles of The Utah Compact without retreating from the significant progress we have made as a state toward a workable solution.”'

Just for my curiosity, Mr. Carpenter, who are you representing when you say such things as:

"We understand there will be enhancements..."

"We welcome input..."

"...without retreating from the significant progress we have made as a state toward a workable solution."

The impression I get is that the Chamber sees itself as some sort of quasi-government that is in charge of immigration laws for the state of Utah.

Where does that leave our actual elected officials?

In the Chamber worldview, I suppose, as subordinates to the royal will of those who have anointed themselves as our rulers without the inconvenience of an election. 

In short, the Chamber seems to see itself as our master and king and us as serfs.

No doubt, royalty finds the questioning of motives and the questioning of the wisdom of its preferred program initiatives inconveniences thrust upon them by the rabble.

Only in the case of immigration, the rabble is correct and those with the royal attitude, wrong. 

The good citizens of Washington County know the true costs of illegal immigration and voted to reject it.

It is time for the Chamber to see themselves as part of society and not as its master and follow the wisdom of the electorate.

The Trib article and quote from Mr. Carpenter ("Guest-worker bill encounters more resistance") are located at:

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