Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deseret News Calls for "Cheap Labor":

The Deseret News reproduced an editorial from the Dallas Morning News on August 2, 2011.

The editorial can be found at:


The original editorial at the Dallas Morning News is at:


An astute observer at the "Repeal HB 116" Facebook Group noticed two very interesting things about this editorial.

The facebook page is at: 


The first is that a paragraph was left out of the reproduced version at the Deseret News.

Was this an oversight?  Was it merely a mistake?  Was it intentional?

The reader must decide.

Here's the missing paragraph:

"A guy steals a car, they do the fingerprints, send it to Washington, have the person deported. That’s not the Boston I want. I want Boston to be a city that welcomes immigrants,” he told reporters."

The problem for the average American, and one that perhaps the Deseret News recognized, is that, unlike the mayor of Boston, most of us think that stealing a car is a serious crime!

The mayor of Boston, on the other hand, thinks that stealing a car should not be a deportable offense for someone who is here illegally in the first place!

The second thing the Repeal HB 116 facebook observer noticed is that the paragraph talking about "cheap labor" as a goal of immigration policy was left in!

I get the feeling that someone at the Deseret News is getting a stern talking to about now...

This paragraph is as follows:

"But that's not enough. The U.S. also must offer realistic hopes for those taking the legal route. A responsive visa system must help applicants get the permits they need quickly. Employers must have assurances that a large pool of legal migrant workers will be available to meet their demands for cheap labor."

The Deseret News, oddly enough, has come out and told the public what many opponents of HB116 have been saying:  it's about cheap labor.

This new honesty among the pro-HB116 Deseret News is refreshing. 

Let us hope that it leads to them to a new openness about how illegal immigration is really affecting Utah and the United States.

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