Friday, August 19, 2011

Video: Obama Answers a Question on Univision About Suspending Deportations of Illegal Alien Students:

Below is a video which aired on Univision probably in March of this year.

In the video, President Obama addresses the question of suspending deportations of illegal immigrant students through executive order.

His answer, given his recent actions, will surprise you.

It is clear to me that Mr. Obama is treading on very very thin ice on this matter and this broadcast demonstrates that Mr. Obama is fully aware of his role as president to enforce immigration laws.

Personally, the use of administrative action to suspend deportations indefinitely for 300,000 illegal aliens already in the deportation process is a sign that all those illegals here now, who have not been caught committing serious crimes, will not face deportation under the Obama administration.

It is also a strong sign to all those exterior to the U.S. that we will not deport them should they find their way here.

Mr. Obama's actions are, in short, beyond belief.

I personally believe, at this point in my understanding, that a president who declares that the will of Congress, as embodied in our immigration laws, is "suspendable" at his discretion has breached the constitutional separation of powers and has violated his oath of office.  

The relevant segment of the video is at: 18:40 - 21:10.

A video clip of just the relevant segment can be found at:

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