Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Left (as usual) Goes Crazy Over Immigration Comments They Don't Like

Do you wish to challenge the status quo?

You'd better think twice before acting on your impulses to state your own opinions in certain circles.

A college freshman has found out the hard way and has been turned into the person-to-hate du jour at Rollins College in Florida. discusses the events in an article available at:

Her crime, it seems, was to argue against "anchor babies" and to state, in the school paper, that the practice should be ended.

Imagine that...a college freshman argues her point in a school paper.

The horrors of actual freedom of expression must be stamped down!

The original article is available at:

In a rather prescient comment, the author noted that those who are in favor of anchor babies as a national policy say that "intolerance compels people's desire to eliminate it"

Having openly offended the politically-correct gatekeepers of social thought and expression, the author of the op-ed piece then became the target of PhD-level intolerance at the college.

Intolerance in the name of tolerance has always struck me as being a strange thing.

For a fun exercise, read some of the comments posted at the website along with the original article.

The goal of the left to squelch debate rather than engage in it is an attack on the republican values upon which this nation was built.

When all aspects of the immigration debate cannot be considered and evaluated, we will not have good immigration policy.

We will, rather, have politically-driven policy imposed on us regardless of consequences.

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