Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Mark Levin Quote:

Mark Levin, in his Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto (2009), addresses the immigration issue on pages 147-174. 

If every elected leader took the time to carefully examine just these few pages, much of the baloney thrown into the public debate about immigration would be seen for what it is: baloney.

An example of Mr. Levin's ability to put the issues into perspective occurs on page 172:

"For the Conservative, to say that America is a nation of immigrants and no more is to conflate society with immigration and treat them as equivalents. They are not.  Immigration can contribute to the well-being of society, but it can also contribute to its demise.  The social contract is a compact between and among Americans, not Americans and the world's citizens.  The American government governs by the consent of its citizens, not the consent of aliens and their governments.  Moreover, American citizens are not interchangeable with all other citizens, American culture is not interchangeable with all other cultures, and the American government is not interchangeable with all other governments.  The purpose of immigration policies must be to preserve and improve the American society."

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