Monday, April 18, 2011

Paul Mero's Sweet Gig at the Sutherland Institute

The Sutherland Institute is a key player in the push to normalize the presence of illegal aliens in Utah.

Paul Mero is, of course, the main player representing this organization.

For example, his name, in conjunction with the Sutherland Institute, appears on the advertisement from November 16, 2010 posted at the Utah Compact website:

In addition, he has spent much time in recent months selling the idea of normalizing illegal immigrants - frequently with his sidekick, Senator Luz Robles. 

Portraying some who disagree with him as extremists is certainly an odd way to garner support, but nevertheless he is now on that bandwagon:

It would be interesting to know, therefore, what is in it for Mr. Mero in terms of cold-hard compensation from the Sutherland Institute.

According to the most recent IRS Form 990 (for the period July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010) for the Sutherland Institute, Mr. Mero received $128,776.00 in reportable compensation.

Not bad.

The Sutherland Institute itself reported $1,304,618.00 in contributions and grants.

Again, not bad.

Wouldn't you like to know who handed over to the Sutherland Institute this nice pile of change?

So would I.

Unfortunately, it may not be required to make this information public.  I am leaning towards that view, even though my own knowledge of this area is limited and I could be wrong.

But, what would have been the result of the immigration debate if those who resist the Utah sell-out on amnesty had the resources of those promoting it? 

It would have been much more difficult for the pro-amnesty-for-illegals crowd to control the public debate and sneak through their unconstitutional amnesty plan.

Considering Mr. Mero's interest in categorizing some as extremists, it strikes me as a rather desperate move to forestall the growing movement to throw out the Utah-amnesty and those who arrogantly promoted it. 

Anyway, the complete IRS Form 990 (without Schedule B) is available at  The document is available if you register with the organization.  There is no charge to view this particular document if you register for the free-level of using their website.  The paid portion is a bit beyond my budget, but probably not beyond Mr. Mero's. 

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