Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mexican Trucks Rolling Through the U.S.?

This will make you mad.

One of the issues that Luz Robles worked on as a member of the Mexican Advisory Board (CCIME) during her tenure as a "Consejera" (2006-2008) was the Mexican trucks issue.

See the document at for more information about Ms. Robles' links to Mexico.

Of course, she sided with Mexico - in spite of the fact that she is a U.S. citizen.

The issue has returned.

This is how Jerome Corsi, of, described what was in the works last January:

"Department of Transportation officials and the U.S. trade representative's office are in Mexico this week negotiating final details of a renewed Mexican truck demonstration project with the goal of allowing foreign long-haul loads to roam U.S. roads by summer."

(Read more at: Mexican trucks to be rolling across U.S. in 6 months

When Mr. Obama met with President Calderon of Mexico last March, he put it this way:

"I’m especially pleased to announce that, after nearly 20 years, we finally have found a clear path to resolving the dispute over trucking between our two countries. I thank President Calderón and his team —- as well as my Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, and our U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Ron Kirk —- for reaching this proposed agreement. I look forward to consulting with Congress and moving forward in a way that strengthens the safety of cross-border trucking, lifts tariffs on billions of dollars of U.S. goods, expands our exports to Mexico, and creates job [sic] on both sides of the border." 

Mr. Obama's statement is available at:

Creating jobs on both sides of the border? 

For whom?

An article by Phyllis Schlafly gives a very nice summary of points as to why this is not a good thing for the U.S.

The article is at:

One of the most interesting points of this article is the claim that NAFTA is not a treaty at all, but merely a law passed by Congress.

If that is true, and it appears to be so, then Congress certainly has the ability to curtail this new threat to American jobs and our trucking industry.

At the end of her summary of the issue, Ms. Schlafly reminds us to contact Congress about this outrage.

This is a very good recommendation.

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